What Our Clients Say About Us



'It's the best monitoring software of this year.' - Andrew M.

'The most extensive monitoring software on the market at the moment. I have tried others before, but none was as user friendly and accurate as X Disk Ed. Great job, guys!' - Maria J.

'I went through a very unpleasant situation with my employees and consequently decided to get a monitoring software. There are lots on the market and it was hard to choose, but a business partner recommended me X Disk Ed as being the software he uses. I read online reviews too and decided to get it. THE BEST BUSINESS DECISION I EVER MADE. My business is now running smoother and I love that I can check everything from my phone as well' - John S.

'I use X Disk Ed to monitor my children. I recently found out that my oldest son is a social drugs user and I feel that as parents, it's our duty to be on top of it. I'm not gonna leave my son become victims of addiction even if that means they might hate me now. X Disk Ed has given me the reassuring that my children are safe again and the confidence that they will be fine. Thank you X Disk Ed.' - Jennifer B.